[chirp_users] Chirp not communicating

Jim Unroe rock.unroe at gmail.com
Wed Aug 19 17:57:14 PDT 2015

On Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 8:20 PM, Verne Brown <vwbrown2015 at att.net> wrote:
> Using Macbook Pro with OS 10.10.5 (Yosemite)
> Chirp 0.4.1
> Radio - Baofeng UV-5R
> I've been successful using older mac os' in communicating to this radio in
> the past
> I try to download the radio's program i get this error message
> "An error had occurred
> could not open port /dev/cu.vernebrownscomputer-Blu:[Ermo 16]
> resource busy : '/dev/cu.vernebrownscomputer-Blu'
> Not sure what I'm doing wrong or forgot to do.
> did the cable check - it recognizes the type of chip in the cable as the
> debug instructions.

Two things come to mind...

1. It doesn't look like you have a compatible device driver installed.
Depending on your programming cable, it should say something about

2. You should not be using the 16 month old CHIRP v0.4.1 stable build
with a Baofeng radio. You should be using a recent daily build.


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