[chirp_users] funky firmware

Peter p.whalley.usa at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 14:53:52 PDT 2015

Greetings all,

I am a new Ham with a 40 year background in all things electronic. I 
just picked up new 3 BF-F8+ radios and ended up having to send one back 
(couldn't program via cable). The replacement came in with different 
firmware -GRRR!- and an odd/invalid/strange entry in the ABR menu. See 
attached pic -I hope it is permitted. I can change value to off through 
10 using keypad. From that point the odd character goes away 'till the 
next time I program with  Chip to any value above 10. Above 10 the odd 
character comes back. Chirp allows 0 to 24 as usual and programs without 
protest for any value 0 - 24 but cant get actual time to go past 10. Any 
time less than 10 is handled correctly as expected. I reset radio, 
changed language back to English and then tried to set backlight beyond 
10 seconds with no success. Used CHIRP daily-20150702 and an earlier 
build with same results. Also, the radio type selected was the UV-5R.

If the radio had a 'normal' display this would be less an issue but with 
the inverse display it pushes the usability close to the edge in a 
negative way!

Has anyone seen this behavior? Have I missed a step? Should I consider 
this a defect and try AGAIN for an exchange?


Peter KC3FBB

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