[chirp_users] Regarding the message "UV-B5 upload with "Radio NAK'd block at address 0x0000" (Cody P Schafer)"

george geran g_geran at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 25 22:03:21 PDT 2015

I also had that problem with the Baofeng UV-5RE plus.I read some of the past listing and found the driver site, downloaded and installed the newer driver (my old driver was several years old and Windows 7 has had some major updates since then).Then I also noticed that a correction had been made on a daily update concerning block NK for  0.001 or 0.100 so I used that daily version.
Everything worked fine. It did take me several hours researching the comments to find the suggestions but that is life with computers sometimes. Updates to operating systems can cause significant problems.
Anyway, the result is that everything works fine now.
George P. Geran
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