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Motorola was several years ahead of any other company that used the 
Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System. All of my materials from 
Motorola (I was a Motorola dealer/ shop) even state that the tone 
keeps the squelch quiet so that the user does not hear all other traffic 
on the frequency. Of course, they also caution that before making any 
transmission the user is supposed to turn off the 'Private Line' to 
check to see if anyone else is already using that frequency. (In 
accordance with Federal Law.) Motorola did refer to the tone system 
as "Private Line", or just "PL" systems. Many of the older equipment 
had a toggle switch on the control head for this that was labeled PL, 
or Private Line, and all such radios were called "Private Line Radio".  
"CTCSS" was the abbreviation Motorola used for their 'Private Line' 
radios for ordering. They didn't mean that for use to ID the feature. 
Instead, they (since they were the only one to have it at the time) 
actually intended the feature to be called 'private line' radios, and 
that the abbreviation merely described what it did. 

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Jim, I'm sure you will agree with me that the marketing department in
Motorola (who (if I'm not mistaken) first called them "Privacy Tones")
must have known that they were blatantly misleading people, where as
most other companies call them by the anachronism CTCSS correctly.
This explains CTCSS for the lay-user quite well.

Dennis Smith

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