[chirp_users] Setting up banks/groups on Yaesu VX-3

Tom Hayward
Thu Apr 30 10:25:05 PDT 2015

On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 9:45 AM, SavagePossum <savagepossum at gmail.com>

> This is a "cross post" from the PX-888K Yahoo Group.  Any comments or
> knowledge of this planned radio life span?
> The PX-888K  radios  have the family of "suicide chip" that causes failure
> after it fails.  The chip is the 24C32 EEPROM.  It is alleged that ALL of
> these chips regardless of manufacturer will fail as they have a limit to
> the
> number of read-write cycles.
> This chip is verified inside the Puxing PX-888K Radio.  If anyone has any
> issues please let the group know.
> As a refresher:  Most Wouxun radios will write out their memory to the
> 24C64
> upon power off and do a read from the same chip upon power on.  As a result
> the chip fails; due to this action after a number of power cycles.
> The 24C32 is a smaller capacity of the same chip family.  There have been
> NO
> cases of this failure as the design of the radio may possibly not be as
> read-write intensive as the Wouxun radios.
> The Savage Possum

What does this have to do with the VX-3? I notice you tagged your post as
"in-reply-to" the VX-3 thread, and also used that subject:

References: <003701d082a8$54eeb0f0$fecc12d0$@wildblue.net>
	<CAFXO5Z1Us=2ZZz8dT8fL6fg6Q-ZgePxR3VF6AVc1gBbyG8bn1g at mail.gmail.com>
	<CAFXO5Z102skwRBjw0UcuBXbNjkPnqaz+cWma86-jRv-YtU+P7g at mail.gmail.com>
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Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2015 11:45:38 -0500
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Subject: Re: [chirp_users] Setting up banks/groups on Yaesu VX-3

I bet thousands of chirp_users subscribers who don't own a VX-3 will never
open this message.

Also, please keep messages related to Chirp. It sounds like this issue is
more influenced by power on/off cycles than programming cycles, and is
limited to a few specific radios. Please keep discussion of non-programming
issues with these radios on their own mailing lists.

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