[chirp_users] Baofeng UV-5R / CHIRP questions

Jim Unroe
Wed Apr 1 06:29:25 PDT 2015

Hi Mike,

On Tue, Mar 31, 2015 at 11:24 PM, Michael D Earls
<mikeearls at earthlink.net> wrote:
> When using the graduated squelch settings under Service Settings, what is
> the correct setting for Carrier Squelch Setting under Basic Settings?

What ever you want it be. I adjusted my service settings so that my
normal squelch level is 5. If I am in an area that needs a tighter
squelch, this gives me 4 higher settings to choose from. If I am
trying to receive weaker signals and need a looser squelch,  this
gives me 4 lower settings to choose from.

> As an alternate to setting Menu 32 to SITE, what effect would setting ANI-ID
> to OFF have?

None. When menu 32 is set to CODE, the ANI-ID is transmitted
over-the-air regardless of the ANI-ID setting.

> Or are there different, quieter alarm sounds besides 119 (32 still set to
> SITE, but surrounding folks wouldn't know you just pressed Alarm)?

Unless menu 32 is set to SITE, the alarm is transmitted over-the-air.
The alarm sound is a warbling siren sounding noise. When menu 32 is
set to CODE, the Alarm Code (the factory default is 119) and the
ANI-ID code are transmitted over-the-air in addition to this warbling
siren sounding noise. You could program the Alarm Code and ANI-ID code
to be blank, but it would be easier just to set menu 32 to TONE, which
transmits the noise only.

I wish the alarm could be shut off completely. But the radio isn't
cable of having the alarm shut off. That being the case, SITE is the
best setting because at least it doesn't transmit anything

> Work Mode Settings is confusing to me since I don't see all of the CHIRP
> settings reflected in my radio. MR A and MR B show 51 and 41 respectively,
> yet my radio loads 27, 20, even after battery swap.

All the Work Mode Settings do is put the radio in the state that you
want it to be in ONCE THE UPLOAD IS COMPLETED. That will be the state
the radio will be when you start "working" with it. But that is the
only time it will be that way. After that, whatever state you leave
the radio in when it is powered off will be the state it will be when
it is powered on.

At least this is the way it has worked on the UV-5R variants over the
last 3 years. Baofeng has been making some changes recently (by
accident or on purpose is unknown) where they have stopped storing
some settings in memory. The FM Radio preset is one such setting.

> The VFO A & B: similarly display last used freqs and not what CHIRP has.

These will only show the CHIRP programmed frequencies immediately
after the data is uploaded to the radio. Once the user manually
changes them to something else using the keypad, then those
frequencies are what will be remembered.

> Display A or B:is set to B, but I don’t what that means since A & B: are
> always visible.

It allows you to choose which display is selected (A or B) when the
upload is finished. The cursor (black triangle) will be to the left of
the lower (B) display after the upload has completed.

> Work Mode Settings shows PTT-ID default as 1 (20202). What would be the
> effect of erasing the entry completely?

Probably nothing. The selected PTT-ID only matters if PTT-ID is
enabled. I'll bet in your case PTT-ID isn't enabled so it doesn't
matter PTT-ID 1 is empty not (the same goes for any of the other 14
PTT-ID slots).

> Thanks in advance,
> Mike Earls
> TSRA Life Member
> NRA Benefactor Member


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