[chirp_users] Homebrew cable for Baofeng UV-5R/Yaesu VX-7R based on CP2102 UART

Mark Lewis GW7KDU gw7kdu at rmcwales.org.uk
Sun Sep 28 04:16:13 PDT 2014


I have programming cables for the Baofeng UV-5R and a Yaesu VX-7R which I suspect are based on cloned Prolific chips and give me no end of trouble with Chirp (and VX Commander for the Yaesu)

I spotted the Miklor website that gives information about building a cable for the Baofeng using a CP2102 USB/TTL UART.


I was thinking that rather than soldering the cable for the Baofeng directly to the UART board I could put the board in a small box with a USB extension lead one side and with a 3.5mm stereo jack on the other. I would then terminate the programming lead for each radio with a 3.5mm plug wired appropriately. The Baofeng connections I can take from the Miklor website above but what would I need for the VX-7R?

I found this pin out for the VX-7R


This seems to be similar to the Baofeng UV-3R (as shown on the Miklor page) but is a Ground connection required?


Cardiff, UK

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