[chirp_users] Problems with Chirp upgrade not talking to IC-92

Jim Unroe rock.unroe at gmail.com
Sat Sep 20 09:49:27 PDT 2014


It seems to me your frustration is misplaced. It is most likely that your
programming cable and/or installed device driver for the chip in the
programming cable is the source of your frustration. Without a properly
installed and operating programming cable, it doesn't matter which radio
you are programming or which software you are using to program the radio,
it isn't going to work.

You are not alone. It is a common for most low cost programming cables to
contain an unauthorized (aka counterfeit) copy of a Prolific USB-to-Serial
chip. Most expect these programming cables to be plug-n-play so when they
don't work, the mistakenly blame the radio and/or the programming software.

The reason these programming cables aren't plug-n-play is because Windows
Vista, 7 and 8 all automatically load the latest Prolific device driver for
use with the "Prolific" chip detected in the programming cable. This
automatically installed device has been intentionally made to be
incompatible with unauthorized the chip copies found in these cables.

RT Systems gets around this problem by selling you a programming cable that
is known to have driver support for the chip inside. All other software
depends on you to provide the necessary and working COM port for
communicating between the software and the radio.

You have these choices:

1. To use a programming cable with an unauthorized copy of a Prolific chip,
you must downgrade your Prolific device driver to V3.2.0.0 (Windows Vista,
7 & 8) or V2.0.2.1 (Windows XP). These were the latest versions available
prior to making the newer drivers incompatible. See the Miklor.com website
for the compatible driver and instructions for installing it.


2. Get a programming cable that uses the FTDI USB-to-Serial chip. These
programming cables are more expensive (around $20) but the chip inside
doesn't have the problem where the chip vendor is in a battle with the chip
pirates and the consumer is caught in the crossfire. These are finally
available from several sources. BaoFeng Tech is one such source.

3. Purchase the RT Systems package that matches your UV-5R (it appears to
me RT Systems has you purchase a specific copy of their software to cover
each radio in a group of radios that CHIRP considers the same: 997-S,
UV-E5, BF-F8, GT-3, F11, BF-F9 & UV-5R).


On Sat, Sep 20, 2014 at 10:47 AM, Bob Burkett <mathisfun.bob at gmail.com>

> Thank you for your feedback.
> Out of shear frustration with the Baofeng UV-5R and CHIRP I bought a Yaesu
> FT-60, and RF Systems equivalent of CHIRP, and rFinder.  I "plugged it all
> together", and it works fine.
>  I am not sure but I think the RF Systems package will work on the UV-5R.
> I am not through with the UV-5R yet.  I still want to make it work. If it
> doesn't work with RF Systems, I will switch back to CHIRP, and get back
> with you for more help on it.
> Thank you for your help.
> 73,
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