[chirp_users] chirp, new Baofeng/pofung BF-F8HP and importing data from RT Systems software

Brad Kellison nk8j at juno.com
Fri Sep 12 03:02:09 PDT 2014

When you save it as a .CSV you can open it in MS Excel or other spreadsheet
software and just delete out those columns that are not needed by CHIRP then
resave it and load it into chirp.

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Subject: [chirp_users] chirp, new Baofeng/pofung BF-F8HP and importing data
from RT Systems software

Hey all 

Got the new Baofeng BF-F8HP radio.  Download the daily build suggest by the
seller on Amazon.

Got Chrip installed. 
Radio image loaded to Chirp OK

Question is I have RT Systems software with all the data from my Powerwerx
DB-750X loaded and I would like to import into Chirp and load the the F8HP. 

I have tried exporting as a CSV file from RT Systems, but the Chirps give an
error on import.

There are many more columns in RT with data than Chirp has and they are in a
different order. 

I have search through several months of posts and did not find anything
specific to my needs.

Can some one direct me to a post or youtube video showing how to move the
data from the RT software to the Chrip program that will function with the
new BF-F8HP.

Also I see that this radio has only 120 memory channels is that correct?



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