[chirp_users] YET ANOTHER ?

John LaMartina JohnLa at usa.net
Wed Sep 3 15:14:04 PDT 2014

If it’s the microphone jack, just may just need to be cleaned, not replaced.

Take a look at http://www.miklor.com/uv5r/FAQ
FAQ #81

Hopefully, this helps.

John K3NXU

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 New user but had my UV5R working great. Until I started Chirp and adjusted some freqs that worked great. However I noticed it was very quiet. After checking all works good Except no speaker volume.Many years ago I was a 2 way tech for Motorola and learned that when u plug in an ear bud and hear radio great but remove earphone nothing, it is likely a bad earphone jack. PLEASE TELL ME IT IS SOMETHING ELSE!!

 Thanks, Sarge


Sarge KE5YPB, Lickskillet, Texas



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