[chirp_users] New Daily Build

Build System donotreply at danplanet.com
Wed Sep 3 00:07:08 PDT 2014


A new daily build of CHIRP is available.  This includes changes made
directly to the tree yesterday, and may include additional features,
bug fixes, and/or bugs.  If you are interested in trying it, grab it
from the following location:


A list of the changes included in this build (since the last daily)

Changes for Build #296
[Dan Smith <dsmith at danplanet.com>] Make a trivial copyright date update

This just covers over the fact that I didn't reference #1835
in a merge commit so that the build tests won't complain.

[Dan Smith <dsmith at danplanet.com>] Merge Marco's locale fix

[Marco Filippi <iz3gme.marco at gmail.com>] [locale] Correct some parameter errors in translations

seen fixing #1835

[Tom Hayward <tom at tomh.us>] [th9800] Add driver to read and write .dat files for TYT-TH9800. #1353

This patch adds support for reading and writing .dat files compatible with the
TYT TH-9800 manufactuer's software. I don't have a TH-9800 available to work on
the upload/download portion of this driver, but this should provide a head
start for anyone who wants to work on that. (I suspect the contents of these
.dat files will be equivalent to Chirp .img files for the same radio.)

Changes for Build #297
[Tom Hayward <tom at tomh.us>] [th9800] Fix make_supported.py crash. #1353

make_supported.py does not provide pipe as a str like a normal instantiation,
so it must be supported specifically in the Radio init.

[Tom Hayward <tom at tomh.us>] Add make_supported.py to run_all_tests.sh. #1353

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