[chirp_users] Baofeng UV82L Port problem

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Quit showing your lack of knowledge.  I am an Extra and held a license for 40+ years.  I got mine doing CW too.  I have always used phone and voice interchangeably.  If that’s a problem, there is a lot of us out here.  I knew exactly what he was talking about.


I see the problem is solved and like we all know, it’s almost always a cable problem.


jb  N4NQY


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I've been sitting back watching the punks play this out. Voice and phone in the amateur radio world mean the same thing and have for a long time. You proved your ignorance at the expense of this fella just asking for some help. The negatively and "know it all" attitude is not needed in this hobby. Especially when as proven here many of you have know idea what you are talking about. 

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQFKtI6gn9Y (for Fred's benefit)

Can we stop being jerks, and showing the world that radio hams are
rude, arrogant argumentative, and try actually being helpful loading
phone frequencies into his device? Or would that be a little difficult
for some? I did understand the query the first time I read it, and I
struggled to understand the replies, and even more failing to
understand how such a simple question and plea for help could be
construed and something else.

Allan, have you solved it or do you still need assistance? I suspect
you have one of a couple of issues, either the cable you have is using
the counterfeit prolific chip and requires a certain driver to make it
work. Alternatively as suggest you may need to remove the USB plug and
plug it back in, possibly with a reboot. You may need to go to your
hardware manager to uninstall the drivers for it and reinstall
depending on the precise issue in hand.

Does your device manager show a yellow triangle warning for the comm port?

Dennis Smith
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