[chirp_users] FTDI Chipset driver bricking fake FTDI chips

Aubrey Turner aubrey.c.turner at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 12:32:41 PDT 2014

The common wisdom with regards to USB-to-serial cables seems to be that 
one should pick FTDI over Prolific because of all the Prolific 
counterfeits in circulation.  It seems that this is now becoming a 
problem with FTDI, as well.

Up to now it was not a problem for the end-user.  FTDI has decided to 
change that with their latest driver, which changes the configuration of 
a "fake" FTDI chip so that it is rendered useless (at least without a 
bit of fiddling with configuration tools and device IDs on Linux or XP).

I hadn't realized that FTDI had such an issue with fake chips until I 
read this article.  Some of the comments point out that the end-user of 
the device has no way of knowing whether the chip is genuine or not.  
Further, as noted above, many in the radio programming community 
purchased devices touted as having FTDI chips in good faith as an effort 
to avoid the counterfeits Prolific chips.

Anyway, if you suddenly have issues with your FTDI USB-to-serial 
adapter, take a look and see if the PID has been changed to 0.  If so, 
then you may have been affected by this new driver.

- http://www.eevblog.com/forum/reviews/ftdi-driver-kills-fake-ftdi-ft232/
- http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=270175.0

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