[chirp_users] Baofeng UV82L Port problem

Allan, Sr. allanb1939 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 17 15:39:00 PDT 2014

Back when I was operating KP4CGB On the San Juan, P.R. CG Base I was 
always amazed (and pleased) with the courtesy and help that I received 
from fellow hams. Today I spent the afternoon researching my Com problem 
at a fellow ham's house and the friendly atmosphere, good conversation, 
and a cold beer, was most welcomed. I got back in the hobby because of 
the feeling of a common interest and help among hams and also the need 
to once again air some cw. My fellow amateur club ham(s) here has 
already warned me that commonality and helpfulness is not always the 
norm and a lot of hams have become cynical and cliquish. Thanks to all 
of those that offered *helpful* advice. I truly appreciate each and 
every one of your comments and did not expect any less from a group of 
hams. Unfortunately, as in any group, all are not of the same caliber. I 
hope each of you will continue to keep the true meaning of the ham 
tradition alive; but I'm going to friendlier environs for advice. I'm 
too old, too cranky, and do not suffer fools lightly. I just avoid 
them!  73s Guys! VA  dit dit . . . . . dit
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