[chirp_users] Chirp programming Yaesu FT-8800R questions ...

Thomas Fancher thomasf at nwi.net
Sat Oct 11 13:29:18 PDT 2014

If someone has had experience connecting the FT-8800R to a computer, I would appreciate learning the correct procedure order for download and upload.

The Yaesu manual reads:
To clone from one transceiver to another, use the following procedure:
1. Insert the Cloning Cable into the DATA jack of each transceiver.
2. Turn both transceivers off, then press and hold in the "left" [V/M] key on each radio
while turning the power on again.
3. Rotate the "right" DIAL knob on each radio to select (CLONE START), then press the
[SET] key. The display will disappear for a moment, then the "CLONE" notation will
appear on the display.
4. On the "destination" radio, press the "left" [LOW] key. The "CLONE -RX-" indicator
will appear on the display.
5. Now, on the "source" radio, press the "left" [V/M] key. The "CLONE -TX-" indicator will
appear on the display, and the cloning data transfer will immediately begin.

Since the computer running Chirp will be the "TX" during download, and then "RX" during upload, there may be some question as to whether to initiate the download first in Chirp, or transmit from the radio first.

Likewise, to upload to the radio, it would appear to start the radio first to receive, then have Chirp upload.

If someone can verify my thinking, I would appreciate a reply.

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