[chirp_users] Baofeng bf-f8+ Programming

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Yes, the BFF8+ and UV5R are treated as the same radio.

Next, As for CHIRP, it supports over 80 types of radio.
You cannot directly import a Wouxun image to a Baofeng. They don't play nice together.
You must let CHIRP know what parameters it is working with.
You need to do a Download from Radio to create an initial template.
Then, copy and paste the frequency information from the Wouxun page to the BFF8/UV5R page.

Then, Upload to Radio with the new template.

There are other ways of importing .csv files, etc. but try this.

It's straight forward and works.

You may want to review http://www.miklor.com/COM/UV_CHIRP.php

This is explained there in a bit more detail.


I hope this helps.






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I have just received this radio.  I realize that it isn't on the list of supported radios.  The Baofeng Tech site recommends Chirp
for programming the radio.  Since it is an upgrade to the uv-5r I was hoping that the interface was the same as that radio.  In
fact, I connected the radio and downloaded the configuration and Chirp labeled the file as a uv-5r.  I imported an .img file that I
had for a Wouxun radio but when I tried to upload the image back to the radio it gave me an error saying that the radio was not
responding.   The cable is one that i had for the Wouxun and has worked with Chirp for that radio and I thought it was compatible
with the Baofeng radios. When i power up the radio with the 3 held down it gives me BF5297

So I am trying to figure out where my problem is.   
Has anyone used Chirp with this radio successfully.  If so what did it take to make it work. Is the cable possibly the problem..  

Any help is appreciated.


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