[chirp_users] TYT TH-9800

Terry Martin wd4aon at gmail.com
Fri Oct 3 14:12:22 PDT 2014

Hi Todd,
How’s fishing up there in Tomah?  I grew up in No. Ill. and all the
best fishermen talked about going up to Tomah in the summer to fish
(muskies, I think?).

I have the complete TH-9800 pkg with cable driver software, but I’ve
misplaced my cable.  I’ve another on order, but it isn’t here yet.
I’m closing my station and going to Florida for the winter ASAP, and
think I packed the programming cable in my Florida station box (sealed
up and in storage).  So I can send the complete package except the
programming cable right away, the programming cable must come later,
perhaps as late as November.

I have the following questions:
1.  Who is the developer who will receive the radio, and where is said
developer located?  If multiple developers, I would prefer to send to
someone in Florida or New England.
2.  Can the developer start doing his/her ‘thing’ without a cable (as
in, “does the developer already have a cable that fits?")?
3.  The mike has a number of user programmable functions; therefore,
should I assume the mike needs to be shipped with the radio?  Is the
mounting bracket/pkg needed?
4.  By the time the developer is finished with the radio, I’ll
probably be enjoying the warm Florida sunshine, instead of this crappy
Rhode Island fall chill and rain.  Is it OK for the developer to ship
it to Florida, instead of my home here in the frozen wastelands of the
north?  I’d like to mount said radio on my motorcycle, which I‘ll be
riding all winter in shorts and T-shirt.

Let’s do this and add the TH09800 to the Chirp list!

de wd4aon at gmail.com

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