[chirp_users] UV-5RA not working

Michael E. Jaggers
Wed Nov 26 13:02:21 PST 2014

And I suspect the problem with the OP is that the radio that he is copying from and the radio that he is copying to have two different versions of firmware.

You can't do that.  You have to download an image from the radio that you are going to program, populate the image, then write it back to the radio.

If each radio has the same version of firmware, you can copy from one radio, then upload it to each radio in turn.

CHIRP will tell you what firmware version you have after you download the image, but it won't check it when you upload it.  (You can find the firmware version in the "Settings" tab.)


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>I keep reading of folks who say Chirp does not work for them especially when
>programming others radios.
>I too program UV-5RA radios for a number of my friends since I am the only
>one with a good programming cable that I bought at HRO for $17 but the more
>I read, the more I am glad I bought from a Ham Radio Dealer and not low
>discount dealers.  Mine works fine on all radios I have used it on......
>Now as far as programming many different UV-5R radios and the different
>version of that radio.   I too had problem loading the program to the
>different radios but figured out real quick, that every radio seems to have
>an internal date code of some sort and will not allow you to write to the
>radio UNLESS you first read that particular radio.  Then save that file just
>in case you need it.  Also make a copy of that file and save it under a
>different name.  Now change the memory channels and other programming
>parameters as you desire.  I generally just delete all memory channels that
>were on that radio and then IMPORT the memory channels from my personal
>radio and change the frequencies to what the other person wants.
>This method has worked flawlessly for me in programming a number of radios
>regardless of which recent version of Chirp that I have on my computer.  The
>secret is to first read the radio and change that particular file to what
>you want and them write it back to that particular radio.  Trying to write a
>file that works on one radio to another radio just does not work, at least
>not for me.  Once you learn how to program it, you can't beat this $35
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>I sound like you tried to program your coworkers radios with an older
>version of CHIRP and then upgraded. This allowed you to cross-load
>.img files between radios with N5R firmware and radio with pre-N5R
>firmware. This should not be done because receive will be muted.
>The recovery procedure is on the miklor.com website.
>Jim KC9HI

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