[chirp_users] Fwd: Re: UV-5RA not working

John LaMartina
Sun Nov 23 10:34:18 PST 2014

Let me refer you to Miklor.com http://www.miklor.com/COM/UV_CHIRP.php

The index will show a link to Examples where you will see a graphic of how it should appear.


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To: Tony; Discussion of CHIRP
Subject: Re: [chirp_users] Fwd: Re: UV-5RA not working

Hey Everybody,

I have one of the "new"  Baofeng BF-F8HP (5-UVR family) and I'd like to set up a of Simplex channels  using CHIRP, but, I'm not sure how to set all the collums .  
Can anybody help?  Thanks, MikeJay

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