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I still have the correct driver version as I had been to this link more than once. I took your advise and grabbed a cool one at your suggestion, thanks!


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First off, RELAX, and remember it’s only a toy. Sometimes a shot of Jack or Jim might help.

Loading CHIRP  4.0 would not impact Prolific Software.
If the drivers no longer work, it may be that you plugged the cable into a different port on the front of your PC.
Windows does you the Favor of updating your drivers to the newest wrong version.
You can verify if you have the proper driver y using the procedure found at http://www.miklor.com/COM/UV_Drivers.php





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Chirp Users,


All I want to do is program my little radio (UV-5R). I installed the Prolific software a few weeks ago and downloaded CHIRP and began programming. I have read over and over information in the Miklor web site. I was able to put a couple of frequencies in CHIRP. I downloaded them to the radio but the radio didn’t work as I probably had the Tone or Offset not right. I spent a lot hours trying to learn  how and gave up. I then went to the manual programming directions and I can’t program fast enough as the radio times out. (I have a neurology problem that causes shaking, especially when frustrated.) Next I get an email that announces a CHIRP update to 4.0. I install it and try to program again. Now Prolific won’t install. I have a Windows 7 64 bit computer. I live in a rural area with no Elmer’s. I guess I’m having problems due to my age or stupidity. I am willing to call someone who may walk me through the whole process. As you can tell I’m behind the curve on computers as well.

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