[chirp_users] Transmit activated when trying to do a transfer (was Re: Another way Chirp can be tripped up by the OS)

Michael Rathbun KL7F at kl7f.us
Thu Mar 27 20:51:30 PDT 2014

On Thu, 27 Mar 2014 14:08:04 -0400, Stephen Hersey <n1xnxham at gmail.com>

>Incidentally, is it normal for the UV-5R to key up when the serial cable is
>present? I'm going to make a practice of always having a dummy load
>connected when programming this radio.

It is the case here, with two (non-counterfeit) cables.  The rig keys up as
soon as the software (any software) activates the serial port.

I have identified two solutions:

1.  Connect the unit to the cable (power off!), prepare Chirp so that you
only need to click the OK button in order to start the transfer, power the
unit on, and click the OK button as soon as the rig's display lights up.
The transfer begins and the transmitter doesn't turn on.

2.  Put in a receive-only channel (I have local NWS in channel 1, with
transmit disabled), set the rig to that channel, plug stuff in, run Chirp,
everybody happy.

mdr KL7F
   Sometimes half-ass is exactly the right amount of ass.
       -- Wonderella

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