[chirp_users] Another way Chirp can be tripped up by the OS

D. Daniel McGlothin KB3MUN kb3mun at mcglothin.us
Thu Mar 27 11:19:10 PDT 2014


> Incidentally, is it normal for the UV-5R to key up when the serial cable
> is present? I'm going to make a practice of always having a dummy load
> connected when programming this radio.

It is my experience that any RF reception breaking squelch on either of 
the channels during data transfer will likely fault the transfer.  The 
receiver appears to be 'on' during data transfer.

Take the antenna off (instead of a dummy load) and/or tune to quiet 
channels for data transfer.

I suspect the issue is that any audio signal from the radio receiver 
get's blended with the data transfer signal being pushed in the thru the 
microphone jack, thus scrambling the data steam.

73 de Daniel KB3MUN

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