[chirp_users] Another way Chirp can be tripped up by the OS

Stephen Hersey n1xnxham at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 11:08:04 PDT 2014

I've just started using Chirp with a Baofeng UV-5R and a USB serial adapter
that Amazon claims is from Baofeng. The adapter has a genuine Prolific chip
(or a darn good counterfeit), and Windows 7 Pro 64-bit recognizes it as a
serial port; in addition, I can connect TxD to RxD at the radio plugs, open
PuTTY, and see looped-back characters I have typed on the console. So far,
so great.

However, neither Chirp nor baoclone could open the serial port the USB
adapter was assigned to: COM19. Hmmm, 19? Sounds way high for a serial port
enumeration. I reassigned the USB adapter to the vacant COM2, and hey
presto! Both utilities are able to talk to the radio.

Sooo, beware of high-numbered COM ports.

Incidentally, is it normal for the UV-5R to key up when the serial cable is
present? I'm going to make a practice of always having a dummy load
connected when programming this radio.


Steve Hersey N1XNX
n1xnxham at gmail.com
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