[chirp_users] Problem with connecting to Radio BaoFeng UV-B5

Roger Carl racarl at net1plus.com
Wed Mar 26 16:59:06 PDT 2014

I read the posts on these problems.  Read CHIRP FAQs. 

 I purchased a programming cable that was for BaoFeng U5 & B5/B6 and others.

I verified cable was fully inserted into radio. Did take an extra push to
get fully inserted.

I had a hard time finding the correct Com Port, eventually found COM3 was
being used by pulling cable and watching message appear and disappear

Instructions are not clear whether to use just numeric designation (3) or
full name (COM3), but neither worked.

Tried installing in other USB/Com ports and received error messages" "Device
Driver software was not successfully installed" - Prolific USB-to-Serial Com
Port (COM4) or COM5.  

Do not get this error when plugged Into COM3.


Notes:  Using Win 7, latest version of CHIRP 3-24-2014, USB Ver 2.0 ports.


What suggestions do you have?


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