[chirp_users] Copying data from one rig to another (of the same model)

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One disturbing thing I have heard from a Wouxun dealer (former) is that 
all Wouxun radios has a QC issue with the manufacture of a working memory
chip. During bootstrap All data is uploaded from NVRAM. While the write cycles
for this chip are supposed to be in the millions some have failed way too prematurely. 
This results in a bricked radio. Wouxun knows about it but has supposedly done nothing
to correct the problem. However you will probably buy a KG-UV6D that will outlive you. 
This was enough to end one dealer who had sold tens of thousands of Wouxun radios a 
month to dropping them from his menu. Also Wouxun was made he didn't want to sell 
their new dual band mobile which he gave 5 thumbs down. I own two KG-UV6D radios
and a  lot of accessories like several battery packs, alkaline cases and the radios really
work well for me. So I don't want to give anyone the feeling their Wouxun is going belly
up anytime soon I just though this might be the time to give this one time PSA to owners. 
Especially those contemplating their mobile.  

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On Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 2:31 PM, YT9TP - Pedja <yt9tp at uzice.net> wrote:

First, I want to emphasize that I know that it is recommended not to
>copy image saved from one rig to another.
>There is just one thing I would like to clarify.
>As I understand, Chirp uses clone function of a rig to copy settings
>from a rig and store them and also restore settings back to that rig.
>Clone function is actually meant to be used to directly copy settings
>from one rig to another using direct cloning cable.
>If direct cloning is harmless, why copying image from one rig to another
>using Chirp is not advisable? Isn't it the same as direct cloning except
>image is intermediately saved on computer?
>YT9TP, Pedja

Like Tom, I will use radios I am familiar with.

UV-5R (and variants)

You must not transfer the AUX block of a radio with BFB291 or newer firmware with a radio with pre-BFB291 firmware. The reverse is also true. The "old" and "new" firmware have different layouts. Other differences have been noticed in the AUX block between many firmware versions, so CHIRP will not transfer the AUX block if the firmware version in the current tab of CHIRP is different from the firmware version of the radio.


The image file (both CHIRP and the OEM software) contains the radio "test data". By uploading an image to a radio that was downloaded from a different radio, will change settings that were configured in the factory when the radio was manufactured. The VHF squelch thresholds, the UHF squelch thresholds, the VHF high and low power levels and the UHF high and low power levels.

I know someone that accidentally changed all of their UHF high power settings to 255 and damaged the radio's UHF power output in short order. If a CHIRP image from this radio was uploaded into another one, the same would happen if the PTT was press on a UHF frequency. Or if someone wanted to run QRP and set all of the low power settings to something less that the 1 watt factory setting, loading the image saved from that radio into another would set it to QRP as well.

Someone could maliciously set all of the high power settings to the max and post it in a forum just to see how many radios could be damaged. Remember, that this isn't a CHIRP problem. The same can be done with the Baofeng software.

Wouxun KG-UV-6D

I'm not certain, but I believe that the image from this radio also contains settings that were configured at the factory. Directly uploading an image that was saved from another radio can affect your radio in undesirable ways.

The bottom line is that it is not a good idea to directly upload images from other radios into your radio without knowing the risks. When in doubt, cut-and-paste between tabs or use the Import .img feature that Milton suggests.


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