[chirp_users] Copying data from one rig to another (of the same model)

Milton Hywatt mhywattt at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 18 13:21:42 PDT 2014

I've cross-rig imported the .img file from say Baofeng to Anytone to Wouxun
to Yaesu without any harm. Sure there are some columns and program properties
that don't apply between radios. This is NOT cloning. As Tom says cloning is
copying the contents of the rig to another identical rig. So chirp doesn't clone
as far as I'm concerned but it handle cross brand importing of the .img file pretty
well as long as you use the IMPORT function. Don't just open the img file it must
be imported. I think I would still import even if I had ten identical radios.  It's easy
enough to do. 

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Subject: [chirp_users] Copying data from one rig to another (of the same	model)

First, I want to emphasize that I know that it is recommended not to 
copy image saved from one rig to another.

There is just one thing I would like to clarify.

As I understand, Chirp uses clone function of a rig to copy settings 
from a rig and store them and also restore settings back to that rig.

Clone function is actually meant to be used to directly copy settings 
from one rig to another using direct cloning cable.

If direct cloning is harmless, why copying image from one rig to another 
using Chirp is not advisable? Isn't it the same as direct cloning except 
image is intermediately saved on computer?

YT9TP, Pedja

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