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I have an FT-60 and you have to be quick

Here is the section from the manual on cloning.

The FT-60R includes a convenient "Clone" feature, which allows the 
memory and configuration
data from one transceiver to be transferred to another FT-60R. This can be
particularly useful when configuring a number of transceivers for a 
public service operation.
Here is the procedure for Cloning one radio's data to another:
1. Turn both radios off.
2. Connect the optional CT-27 Clone Cable between the MIC/SP jacks of 
the two radios.
3. Press and hold in the MONI switch (just below the PTT switch) while 
turning the radios on. Do this for both radios (the order of switch-on 
does not matter).
4. Rotate the DIAL job on each radio to select to "F8 CLONE," then press 
the [F/W] key momentarily.
5. The display will disappear for a moment, then the "CLONE" notation 
will appear on the displays of both radios when the Clone mode is 
successfully activated in this step.
6. On the Destination radio, press the MONI switch ("- -RX- -" will 
appear on the LCD).
7. Press the PTT switch on the Source radio; "- -TX- -" will appear on 
the Source radio, and the data from this radio will be transferred to 
the other radio.
8. If there is a problem during the cloning process, "ERROR" will be 
displayed. Check your cable connections and battery voltage, and try again.
9. If the data transfer is successful, "CLONE" will reappear on both 
displays. Turn both radios off and disconnect the cloning cable. You can 
then turn the radios back on, and begin normal operation.

Loading the radio your radio will be the Destination radio, Follow steps 1-5
Then you have to be ready with Chirp to Upload to Radio.
Press the MONI key on the radio (Step 6)
Then quickly press the OK button on Chirp.

On 3/1/2014 6:03 PM, G T wrote:
> Greetings
> I believe this may have been answered however I could not find a copy 
> of the email.
> I have a FT 60 R I'm using CHIRP cable form Amazon, it has a model 
> TW-PCMYA1U  and a number PCY1004 the Prolific driver is
> Following he procedure It will read from the radio, populated the 
> CHIRP spread sheet but then on the upload it fails. A message appears 
> "Failed to communicate with the Radio. Radio did not respond" I tried 
> it a few times as per the video on You tube. Do I need different driver?
> 73
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