[chirp_users] Cannot Upload to Yausu VX-6

Pete Mackie pete at seaquest.com
Sat Mar 1 15:21:12 PST 2014

My USB to Yaesu VX-6 transceiver cable uses the FTDI chip. The driver I use is the Mac OS X FTDIUSBSerial driver for FTDI's FT2232C, FT232BM, FT245BM, FT8U232AM and FT8U245AM devices from FTDI.

The issue defined below was helpful. Following is excerpted from: MAC OSX 10.9.1 Yaesu VX-7R Upload Fails
Again, chirp itself should not "freeze" or lockup your computer. It might crash or lockup chirp the program, but if your entire computer is locked up, chances are, this is a bug or bad design with the hardware driver. (Usually only hardware or hardware drivers can make the whole OS unstable). 

Like the Redmine issue report above states the driver is at fault and not CHIRP. That is good to know.


On Feb 28, 2014, at 8:10 PM, Jens J. <kd4tjx at yahoo.com> wrote:

> sounds familiar. What chipset cable are you running?
> If it is FTDI you may want to read this thread:
> http://chirp.danplanet.com/issues/1433
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> Subject: [chirp_users] Cannot Upload to Yausu VX-6
> I can download memory settings from my Yausu VX-6 transceiver to CHIRP. I cannot upload memory settings from CHRIP to my Yausu VX-6. CHRIP totally locks up (only recovery is Force Quit Application) approximately one-third of the upload. Additionally all of my manually entered Yausu VX-6 memory settings are wiped out after the CHIRP upload attempt, except for one entry.
> I am able to perform both uploads and download data transfers to my Boefeng UV-5R data transceiver. It is only the Yausu VX-6 transceiver upload data transfer which is failing.
> I am running CHRIP on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, which is a fairly new O/S release for Apple. I’ve tried running both CHIRP 0.3.1 and the latest daily build. Both versions fail with the Yausu VX-6 upload data transfer.
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