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Jim Unroe
Mon Jun 30 12:52:49 PDT 2014

On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 3:30 PM, Michael West <michaeljwest at centurytel.net>

> OK, I’m officially PO’d. I have 4 UV-5R radios. I bought 2 and used chirp
> to program them. Although I had some difficulty I was able to do it using a
> ‘kenwood’ cable that a friend had. Now that I’ve bought 2 more I
> absolutely, positively cannot get them to connect. Sometimes they upload to
> the program but I cannot download the new set of frequencies. I get so
> frustrated and mad when I try to do this. It’s so arbitrary and is NOT
> reliable. Does anyone have any suggestions that might work for me? I’ve
> made sure the cables are connected properly (otherwise they shouldn’t
> upload in the first place) but why can’t I get the frets downloaded? If you
> have a logical and reasonable answer I’m willing to try it.
First calm down. You have to remember that these are sub $50 radios. The
aren't of the highest quality.

What kind of programming cable do you have. Does it plug into a legacy
serial port or is it is a USB based programming cable. If it is a USB
programming cable. if it is based on a Prolific chip, it can be finicky as
to which driver is installed. See this web page for advice.


It is common to have connection problems between the programming cable and
the speaker/mic socket of the radio. Be sure the plug is fully engaged. I
know you know it is in all the way, but I lost count of how many said it
was and then were amazed when a wiggle and a firm push made it go the rest
of the way in. By the way, what error messages are you getting. My guess
are the ones listed on  this FAQ page.


Also, be sure you are tuned to a quiet frequency. Any kind of received
signal or noise can cause problem during the download or upload process.
Stretch the programming cable to put as much distance between the radio and
computer as possible. People have also had issues with noise coming from
wi-fi access points.

Good luck and keep us posted,
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