[chirp_users] Using CHIRP Without the Mouse

Catherine Getchell
Fri Jun 20 20:59:09 PDT 2014

Hi everyone,
I'm new to the list.  I downloaded CHIRP to use with my BaoFeng UV5
because programming it is a beast using the radio itself.  I am
totally blind and use a screen reader called JAWS that verbalizes
what's on the screen.  I use the keyboard, not the mouse, for all
computer operations because the mouse is totally a visual interface.

When I tried to use CHIRP, I discovered that there seems to be no way
to access any of the menus or menu commands via keyboard.  Does anyone
have any suggestions, tips, etc for how to do this?  It may not be
possible, but before I abandon it totally, I thought I'd send a query
to see what's out there.  Thanks.

Catherine KE4LAM

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