[chirp_users] Unused Fields Option and the missing NONE selections

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Thu Jul 31 11:56:30 PDT 2014

Dude, I'd ask for my money back ....... O:-)
On 7/31/2014 11:42 AM, Randy Elliott wrote:
> I'll second that!
> Randy Elliott
>> On Jul 31, 2014, at 10:01 AM, W Paul Mills <AC0HY at WPMills.com> wrote:
>> Seems like you are being rather hard on a bunch of volunteers. And for a
>> program which you can get for nothing!
>>> On 07/31/2014 06:13 AM, Mike Morrow wrote:
>>> Well thanks for the tongue lashing (that's a little overboard) but it
>>> was a little lecture on the "Hide Unused Fields" checkbox and how it is
>>> now going to be the default and solve all my problems.
>> I look at ever message in this group. I did not notice any tongue lashing.
>>> IT DOES NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM!!!  Read on to learn why.
>>> So I load up my data and change the option to hide unused fields. OK,
>>> all those pesky 88.5s in the sheet magically disappear.  OK, great.
>>> But then I change one of the PLs to 100.0.  Oops, since there are no
>>> horizontal lines to help guide me across a sea of blankness, I got one
>>> off and meant to change the next one down.  OK, just set it back off by
>>> ... uhhhh...  THERE IS NO "NONE" selection.  I CANNOT SET IT BACK TO
>>> OFF!!  Aww nuts, now I have to either delete this memory and enter it in
>>> again or kill all my updates and reload the sheet and start again.
>>> Neither is a good thing to have to do because of a missing option in a
>>> box on a sheet without any guide rules (lines) to help me get it right
>>> in the first place.
>> Looks like the lack of horizontal lines is a windows only problem. Works
>> fine in Linux. In windows if you click on the left side of the row, the
>> whole row will be highlighted.
>> I get the none selection here in either windows or linux.
>>> You see, good programming practice is good programming practice.
>> I did not consider this a band aid, just a convenience item. Most
>> manufacturer software leaves these values, even when none are used as I
>> recall.
>>> Not sorry about the screaming.  I worked in computers for 30+ years.  I
>>> was trained and also taught myself and taught classes about good
>>> programming practice.  And what CHIRP is trying to do with this Band-Aid
>>> is just plain wrong.  If you can set something on, you must be able to
>>> set it off, too.
>>> As I said.  If I had produced something like this and put it out to the
>>> field, I would have been fired!
>> So fire someone, if it makes you feel good.
>>> Now it is time that someone, somewhere in the organization realized that
>>> there HAS to be a NONE selection to turn off a PL or any other selection
>>> that is no longer needed or was entered by mistake.  And as far as I can
>>> tell, that is not possible since there is no NONE selection.
>> Why, it is there?
>>> Am I wrong?  If so, I apologize in advance and await another tongue lashing.
>> No comment. I am just a user.
>>> Thanks to all for all the hard work but someone missed a standard design
>>> point on multiple of the columns.
>>> Mike
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