[chirp_users] chirp_users Digest, Vol 67, Issue 21

Mike Morrow mikeymail at ILikeTheInternet.com
Mon Jul 28 15:58:32 PDT 2014

This is something I was thinking of opening a problem ticket on.  It is 
confusing, obviously, to many to have the default and "no tone" setting 
to be a tone.  In this case 88.5.  We use 88.5 on some repeaters locally 
and having the "no setting" setting the same as "in use setting" both be 
88.5 is confusing for a quick look at the grid.  I got confused, myself, 
when going through the grid and had to go back to he repeater book to 
figure out if these were really in use or not.  One used two different 
tones and one was 88.5 and, once again, I had to go back and double 
check and make sure if this was in use or "no tone".

I would also like to see a NONE setting in the Tone columns for a more 
positive indication that there is no tone used here.

Another confusion is when you query the Repeater Guide, if no tone is in 
use, it comes back 88.5 and you have to then investigate further to see 
if this is real or "no tone" usage of 88.5.

All around confusing and since software is there to help us, it should 
not impede progress by adding useless confusion when it is so easy to do 
it "right" and show NONE when NONE is the correct setting rather than 
duplicating a valid setting.

Even the stupid Wouxun software, for all its faults, does this 
properly.  Seems like better software (CHIRP) could do at least that 
good.  Right?

I have been a programmer for most of my life.  If I set a real entry as 
the setting for NONE, I would have been fired!


On 7/23/2014 12:00 PM, chirp_users-request at intrepid.danplanet.com wrote:
> An entry in the ToneSql field is not required.
> If the Tone Mode selection is (none), the Tone and ToneSql fields are ignored.
> The 88.5 is a filler default.

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