[chirp_users] Error message trying to download a BaoFeng FF-F8+

Dr. Whit Woodard towhit at me.com
Sat Jul 19 10:31:25 PDT 2014

To Whom It May Concern:
I purchased two BaoFeng BF-F8+ radios and the cable, but I am unable to download the radio with Chirp.  I have several questions concerning it.  Allow me to outline what I have done.  I m attempting to program my radio with an iMac computer running Mavericks.
1.  I downloaded the KK7DS Python Runtime R10.pkg  (as instructed)
2.  I downloaded the Chirp 0.4.0 software 
3.  I connected  my BaoFeng BF-F8+ radio to the computer with the cable purchased with the radio as directed by chirp.  (Manufactured by Pofung)
4.  The first sign of a problem is the identification of the “serial port” that comes up in chirp.  There are only two options.  They are (1) “/dev/cu.Bluetooth-Incoming -Port” and “dev/cu.Bluetooth-Modem”       Neither of them work for me.  The second own produces an immediate error message that says “An error has occurred could not open port /dev/cu.Bluegooth-Modem: [Errno 16] Resource busy: ‘/dev/cu.Bluetooth-Modem’”        The first option begins the cloning process (as expected, but showing NO progress) and then produces an error message that says: “An error has occurred Radio did not respond”

I have tried this on both of the BaoFeng radios I purchased with identical results.

Can anyone enlighten me about this problem?

Many thanks,
Whit Woodard   K3WB

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