[chirp_users] FT-60 cable question

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Thanks for your help I really appreciate it.  I'm brand new to ham radios.
I was trying to connect my FT 60R to Chirp and I cannot get  to the "clone
screen" as shown on the instructions from the web site,  it only shows a
radio frequency.  Any ideas?  Thanks again



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I have had good luck with this cable set. I have programmed a Yeasu FT-60,
several Baofeng models, a Kenwood TH-F6 and a Wouxon UV8D with this cable
using Chirp.


On 07/11/2014 09:22 AM, Dan Smith wrote:

When I talked to you at Seaside, OR you said to drop you a line and you
could tell me what cable to purchase to work on CHIRP, thanks

Actually, what I said about the FT-60 was that I'm not sure which cable
is best for that one because they all seem problematic. The problem
seems to be that the jack on that radio is machined slightly differently
from a regular 3.5mm one for some reason, and when I was writing the
driver for it, I had to keep pressure on one side of it so it would make
Since Yaesu doesn't provide a cable for it (remember, it's clone-able,
but not PC-programmable, according to them), I'm not sure what cable to
I don't own one myself, but a lot of people here do. I'm sure we can get
some good usage reports from the folks here that have one to recommend
(or not).
If there is a clear suggestion, then we should add it to the CableGuide
page on the chirp site.

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