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Dave Nathanson KG6ZJO at nathanson.org
Fri Jan 24 09:27:49 PST 2014

Hi Lisa,
Helping people remotely can be so difficult! They do things you never expect, describe things in unexpected ways, and what you say & what they thought you said can be so different. 

Get yourself a free copy of TeamViewer. It runs on Mac, Linux, Windows & mobile. Click the big green button & install on your own machine. 

Tell the person you're helping to download the TeamViewer "Quick Support". It is also a free download from the TV website, but it is the link UNDER the big green button. The link says says: "Join Remote Control Session". 

TV QS only runs when double-clicked, and will not leave any TSRs or daemons running when you are finished with it. Very clean. 
Follow the basic instructions, meaning that you both launch your TeamViewer apps. They need to tell you their ID number & password so you can connect to them. 

It's MUCH easier to help when you can actually see the screen & even control the mouse & keyboard. Give it a try & I bet you get a lot more done, better & more quickly.

 Dave Nathanson

On Jan 24, 2014, at 8:53 AM, Lisa Soto <eris235 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I admit I'm fishing around here a little but maybe someone can help. 
> I'm helping someone else (remotely) troubleshoot their CHIRP installation. He says that the binary (unzipped, daily build) won't open on his Macbook. 
> I've mentioned the Error logging window that may be holding things up and he's going to check for that, but is there anything else I should suggest? 
> Thanks, 
> Lisa 
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