[chirp_users] Wouxun UV6X (Powerwerx) - read new radio, no settings available to unlock the menu?

Jens J. kd4tjx at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 15 21:12:56 PST 2014

If you dont see anything in the settings tab, it probably means that chirp is running into a problem parsing your radio's image and setting up the settings tabs.

Follow this to open an issue:

Important: provide a debug.log as wiki states, but it would also be good to also attach a copy of the radio image (.img file) that is having this issue.


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Subject: [chirp_users] Wouxun UV6X (Powerwerx) - read new radio, no settings available to unlock the menu?

Is this expected, ie. do I really have to install the Windows
    software to unlock the Menu on a new UV6X Powerwerx radio?

Chirp daily (1/15/2014) on linux reads the frequencies OK (after
    Download from Radio) OK, but the Chirp Settings tab is entirely blank - there are no options, not even the one to enable the Menu.

The box includes a warning paper that says the radio ships with Menu
    disapled (required for FCC Part 90 radio?), and that the Wouxun
    software must be first be used to download, select Menu Enabled,
    then rewrite to the radio in order to enable it.  They also warn
    that third party software may brick the radio.

After using the free Powerwerx software to read the radio, enable
    Menus, and write the radio, the result with Chirp is the same: the
    pre-loaded frequencies show up, but the Setup tab is blank.

O/S is Ubuntu with current patches, etc.

Am I missing something?  I didn't try writing the radio with Chirp. 
    A few days ago, I used Chirp to read and write a UV6D(v1) -- it
    worked fine.

Thanks & 73,


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