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Milton Hywatt mhywattt at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 7 07:15:34 PST 2014

Anytone has come out with the AT-3318UV-A handy talkie.
I think they might be popular so prepare for some inquires 
about support. Personally I won't beat an Anytone radio 
with a stick after finding out how paranoid they are about 
releasing any service data. And I have friends about a mile
from me that sell and service the Hytera digital LMRs that are
well capable of working on handy talkies but I'll be damned if
Anytone would fork over some service literature even after
I made them a video of inside the shop and all the General
Dynamics R8000 radio monitors, spectrum analyzers and 
other gear worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. Anytone
was paranoid their radio would be counterfeited if schematics 
were given out. So as someone who works on the stuff I consider
all of these Chinese radios throw aways when they break. 

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> If Dan wants a radio, I can make one available.  
> Actually, it would be easier for me to Paypal him $41 and have him order
> 1.  :)  It would cost me 1/2 that to ship it to him.

Donations are always appreciated, and hardware donations help us ensure
that things _continue_ to work. If you're serious about that donation, I
think it should be made to Jim Unroe. He's done a huge amount of work on
the other Baofeng radio drivers and has the best understanding of them I
think. Perhaps you and a couple of other V6 owners could pool some
donations and buy Jim a radio? At $41, it wouldn't take much :)


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