[chirp_users] UV-82 Support for MAC OSX

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Thu Jan 2 13:54:39 PST 2014

Hi Jeff,

> The daily versions of chirp for windows and Mac don't track. They are
> separate downloads, and there really haven't been any updates to the Mac
> version for quite a while.

Please try to avoid offering incorrect answers to questions if you're
not an authority. They all go into the archives and things like this end
up confusing people down the road as "something they heard on the
mailing list" or "something they found on google".

The packages for each daily build are created automatically by the build
system for all the supported platforms. That means that the Windows
installer and zip, the Linux tarball, the Linux .deb PPA packages, and
the MacOS .app are all generated every time there is a build. They are
generated from the exact same commit in the source tree and contain the
same functionality, features and fixes.



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