[chirp_users] New to list and a question

Mike Lubrecht mlubrecht at wildblue.net
Wed Jan 1 11:43:51 PST 2014

Hi list members!


Mike Lubrecht here from Snohomish County, Washington.  I've just started
using Chirp to attempt to coordinate the programming on some of my small
HTs.  I successfully programmed my Baofeng UV-5R, and was able to upload
from my Yaesu VX-3 (not the "R" model.)  Unfortunately, I haven't been able
to download anything successfully to the Yaesu unit, after carefully
following the sequence to put the radio into clone mode and wait for the
download from my computer.


Am I missing anything? I believe my drivers are all up to date. And since I
was able to upload from the Yaesu, I'm assuming that the cable and drivers
were working. Any hints would be greatly appreciated. My hope is to clone
the Baofeng and Yaesu, using appropriate inport/export (or just cutting and
pasting parameters between .img files).





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