[chirp_users] [vx-3] - daily build with vx3 fix will not upload to radio

bob n612dw at gmail.com
Sat Feb 22 19:03:02 PST 2014

After downloading the latest daily build that has a fix (posted by Jens 3
days ago) in it to allow empty memories to be modified/imported, now I can't
upload an image just downloaded of the radio.  The fix posted 3 days ago to
address the issue with not allowing empty memories to be modified/edited or
imported now works, but now we have this problem. 

Included the downloaded image from the radio (same as the other day).
Trivially easy to replicate.  Download from the radio and without any
changes, simply try to upload that stuff just downloaded. Toast. 

Cant upload the file just downloaded from the radio even without any

The Radio begins receiving, the Chirp program thinks its done and apparently
stops sending, and the Radio stops indicating data is uploading and just
errors out (probably a timeout).  Is Chirp missing the vx3 equivalent of a
checksum or eof?  Seems like it just still thinks more data is coming.  Once
an error occurs, all memory is wiped.

Wish I knew more about how the upload/download images work... 

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