[chirp_users] FW: Stupid noob problem, any help out there?

bob n612dw at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 07:07:32 PST 2014

Seems Jens may have found the problem as a bug and may have a fix.
Surprised it is a bug as it's so basic to operations.

But I'm glad it's a bug in a way since at least I'm not going insane! 


I am a software/hardware engineer by trade myself, but never learned python
as I never really had a need to (too many other languages/toolsets to keep
in my limited brain!!).  Interesting how useful an appl like this can be
made with it.

Curiosity may have me looking for the fix in the code repo.


Jens, your note also clued me into the debug log that I was also unaware of,
which I posted here for completeness just in case his fix is something else.
The edit of a "new" unused memory and it's exception can readily be seen in
the log by looking for "unknown7" in the log. 


I guess I just keep looking for the next build.


 Thanks Jens and Dan,



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