[chirp_users] Programming Yaesu FT7900

Dave Cavanaugh cavanadd at frontier.com
Thu Feb 13 19:58:30 PST 2014

Milton pretty much got all of it.

A little more detail:

After successfully getting the radio into clone mode I started Chirp and 
told it to read the radio, and put the radio in TX mode.  This 
downloaded the blank radio profile into Chirp.

Once I had the radio profile into Chirp, I had Chirp import my Anytone 
file.  The Anytone Chirp file had previously been EXPORTED (this is the 
important part) from Chirp as a .CSV file.  I told Chirp to import that 
file into the empty FT-7900 profile, which it did.  All of the fields 
populated fine with one minor error message at the end, which I was able 
to ignore. The error message was due to a minor data format mismatch 
between the Anytone and Yaesu radios.

Anyway...once I had the Chirp file populated I told it to upload to the 
radio, and once the upload process started in the computer I put the 
radio in RX mode and the file went up the wire into the radio just 
fine.  After a restart all of my 125 or so channels were in the radio 
and I was able to use the radio normally in channel mode.

Hope this us useful to someone in the future.

On 2/13/2014 2:36 PM, Dave Nathanson wrote:
> Thanks Milton, I'm always happy to hear about what works!  :-)
> Dave C if you have anything to add - I'm happy to hear that too.
> Either way, I like to try & get the winning answers into the permanent record. I know from my own experience that these little details (exact & in sequence) can be important when you're trying to transfer to or from a radio.
> Best,
>   Dave Nathanson
> On Feb 13, 2014, at 1:36 PM, Milton Hywatt <mhywattt at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Hate to answer for another but the step he was missing
>> was to press and hold SET until the radio was ready to
>> rx or tx data. He was half way there by holding down the MHZ key while powering up. Then rotating the channel knob to F7 CLONE.
>> Now he can press and hold the middle button BAND/SET until the
>> display blacks out and then release the button and the display
>> comes back with CLONE. He was missing that step. Now he can set his
>> software to rx or tx data and then hit the appropriate button on the
>> radio to start the transfer. TX or RX will appear on the display depending on what he wanted to do. The last time I programmed my FT8900 which is nearly identical in setting it up to clone I too forgot to
>> press set. On the 8900 you just press it momentarily. the 7900 you press and hold. That is what Joe was referring to down at the bottom
>> of this message. More than a momentary push of SET on the FT8900 will cause the transfer to fail. I'll have to give that a try to see what exactly happens.
>> Milton
>> From: Dave Nathanson <KG6ZJO at nathanson.org>
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>> Sent: Thursday, February 13, 2014 2:57 AM
>> Subject: Re: [chirp_users] Programming Yaesu FT7900
>> Hey Dave C, so what was the full final winning procedure that worked for you?
>> Best,
>> Dave Nathanson
>> On Feb 12, 2014, at 10:26 PM, Dave Cavanaugh <cavanadd at frontier.com> wrote:
>>> Thanks for all of the help; after reading all of the responses to my
>>> post and re-reading the manual I realized I was missing a step in the
>>> clone procedure.  After I fixed that I eventually figured out the
>>> correct sequence for downloading a clone of the radio into Chirp, then
>>> importing my old Anytone file into the FT7900 file and then uploading it
>>> into the radio.  Works fine now.
>>> On 2/12/2014 3:17 PM, Joe wrote:
>>>> This may be a similar problem that drove me crazy on the FT-8900. After
>>>> you select CLONE START, only press the [SET] key for 1/2 second, no
>>>> longer!  A longer push will cause it to fail.
>>>> 73, Joe, K1ike
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