[chirp_users] Programming Yaesu FT7900

Milton Hywatt mhywattt at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 12 10:54:27 PST 2014

With no cable plugged in can you start the clone mode? My FT8900 will 
and will sit in RX waiting for data forever. Now if you go to TX it will time 
out because there is no cable but at least I've established that the radio
is working. I don't know gives you instruction when to press for TX but the
software has to be ready to RX or TX on the radio will time out. RX on the
radio is more lenient. And Chirp might walk you through when to push what
I don't know haven't used it yet. Usually though with radios that require
timing to RX data from the radio the software should prompt you when to 
do what.  

Your FT7900 clone mode is basically the same as my FT8900. Turn the 
radio on while holding the MHZ key. Rotate the channel encoder to 
item 7. Press SET again, the display blacks out then will come back saying
CLONE. Then you can press VM or LOW and the radio will start to TX or RX. 

First couple times I forgot to press SET again after selection #7. Give that 
a try.

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Subject: [chirp_users] Programming Yaesu FT7900

I am having trouble programming my radio via the programming cable.

I can get the radio into Clone mode by pressing the MHz PRI button on 
startup.  However, it won't go into TX or RX by pushing the LOW/ACC or 
V/M MW button as described in the "cloning" section of the manual.

When I start Chirp and go to "download from radio" it gives me the box 
with Port com 3, radio Yaesu and Model FT-7800.  When I try to download 
the profile from the radio I get the error message
"failed to communicate with the radio:  Failed to read header (0).

Now what?

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