[chirp_users] Command line possible?

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What I used to run was a Dell Netbook with Windows 7 and its remote desktop client. 
I then ran CoRD remote desktop clients on my MacBook before I installed Chirp and drivers
for Mac. So that lends to the possibility to run your laptop remote from a PC in more 
comfortable surrounding using a remote desktop client as long as both ends could connect
to each other via hardwire and or wifi. I have my doubts about a command line mode for 
Chirp, but you really don't need it. 

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Hi, I am a linux user, and am running my FT8900 five floors away in a boiler room cabinet.  SuSE 13.1 is running on a 1.2 GHz embedded PC and doesn't run graphics very well.  I also have aprx and a liveATC.net feed running on the PC.

 like to be able to program it without trying to do so kneeling on the concrete floor of the cramped boiler room with a laptop!

I was wondering if there is any way to run chirp from the command line? 

73 de Nigel ve3id

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