[chirp_users] Baofeng CT-3 programs as ur5 SOMETIMES

David S. Calef dcalef at cfassociates.com
Sat Feb 1 14:37:31 PST 2014

Yes, John, they use the same cable.


No, John, the “Radio did not respond” error is not one described on the
miklor site.  My plug is trimmed and installed all the way in.  The radio
was turned on. The FTDi device driver is compatible with the programming
cable, works fine on 6 various models of the UR5.  The FTDi Programming
cable is not defective, works fine on 6 various models of the UR5.


So, I appreciate your thoughts, but no, standard errors we have all worked
through is not the issue here.  That’s why my naïve statement was that it
must be a timing issue not seen on the older prolific driver but is seen by
the FTDi driver.  But then, I am not a developer working on Chirp software.


David ND1Q

The GT-3 and UV5R use the same programming cable.


Is it possible the error could be one of the following described at:





John K3NXU



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