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Just to clarify about img files and chirp.  CHIRP’s default file format is an *.img format.  You can open it with Chirp (file, open)…  Chirp uses tabs, once you have the data from the radio downloaded to a tab, you can copy and paste from one tab to the downloaded tab and then upload to radio from there.



John KD5JUN 


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My computer saves .IMG files to a CD format but won’t open them. I don’t have a blank CD disk. Can the .IMG file be changed to another format ?



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Although the cases are similar, they are two separate radios internally.

Create a template for the radio that will be receiving the new data by doing a Download from Radio, in this case the F8+.
Do a Copy from the F8HP image file and Paste it to the new F8+ template.

John K3NXU

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How do I transfer memories from my F8HP to my F8+ using CHIRP?


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