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chirp at ampmonkeys.com chirp at ampmonkeys.com
Fri Aug 22 15:44:50 PDT 2014

   I am nat able to download from my radio using Chrip. My radio is a
Baofeng uv-82. It is a new radio and I am new to chirp. My OS is
windows 7. The cable is a usb programming cable form Baofeng via

The cable drivers are installed corectly. I can open the com port under
Tera Term and shorting the TX and RX contacts togethter I can get it echo
what I type. I can also probe the connection and see resonable data on the

I have tryed the stable as well as the nightly build of chirp. When I try
to download I get the error "the radio did not respond". It is hard to see
but I think the cable is seated al the way in. With just the cable and
tuning on the radio, It will not key but as soon as i plug the usb cable
in the radio will key.

I have also tried to download from the radio on "copying" mode by holding
down the 2 key while turning on the power. If I do this with tera term
opend to the right com port I get a repeating set of bytes that look to be
binary (garbaled ascii chars).

Any Ideas?



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