[chirp_users] NC Hams using chirp

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Folks, the OPC-1797 cable does not connect to the data pins on the 92AD.
Thus, unless you can find some leaping electrons, you cannot use it to
program / control the radio. Many of us tried, always wishing to avoid the
awful price if the 1799. 

I did a lot of searching and think I found the proper Hirose connector - at
least as close as I could mike the dimensions. However the cost of that
connector was $12.95 plus shipping and the catalog said that it required
special tooling to assemble. The OPC-1799 started to look pretty cheap.


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> well the program tested the cable and said it is working just fine. I 
> tested it both with and without the opc-1797 cable attached with the 
> same results. So that would seem to indicate a problem with the radio or

The cable you need to use with the 92AD would fail a loopback test because
it's not a looped cable. If that test passes, then I'd expect you're using
an OPC-478 and the bayonet adapter to connect it. If so, that won't work
with CHIRP. CHIRP talks to the 92AD in live high-speed mode, which doesn't
require going into clone mode, and which won't work with the OPC-478.

See the entry for the 92AD on the CableGuide page:



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