[chirp_users] UV-5r Serial Protocol & Commands

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With that said, if you are interested in learning more about the inner workings, Lior Elazary has made the most progress that I'm aware of:

(It's beyond scope of chirp list ;)


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On Sat, Apr 19, 2014 at 9:02 PM, Tom Sayles <tsayles at soot-n-smoke.com> wrote:

Can anyone point me to public (or share their personal) documentation on
>the serial protocol and commands supported by the Baofeng UV-5r?
>I'm interested in seeing if real time (or near real time) software
>control of a UV-5r is practical.  Basically, I'd like to setup a
>Raspberry Pi, some additional hardware [custom shield] and an Ethernet
>connection [w/ PoE?] that could plug-n-play with a UV-5r that to provide
>a remote [tower top?] back end to a soft [chirp based?] front end on my
>Linux desktop or android smart phone.
> -- Tom Sayles
>     KE4HET
>    Fall City, Wa, USA

You can't remote control the UV-5R from the serial port. You can only clone (download and upload) the memory channels and settings.


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