[chirp_users] Should I Get a New Build for Any Reason?

Jim Unroe
Sun Apr 13 12:04:26 PDT 2014

On Sun, Apr 13, 2014 at 11:09 AM, Pat Anderson <anderson5420 at gmail.com>wrote:

> I have a way old build (Feb 2012) that I use mostly for my Baofeng UV5R
> and a little bit for a Wouxon...it seems to work fine for what I need to do
> with it, but has anything significant been added for the UV5R or in general
> that is a reason to update? What I am afraid of is that I have it working
> fine now, and somehow every time I try to update just about anything,
> something gets messed up and it no longer works at all!  I have never
> updated CHIRP, so I don't know what issues if any I might encounter.
>  Thanks!
> Pat Anderson

I assume that you meant Apr 2013 since the initial support for the UV-5R
wasn't added until April 2012.

There really haven't been any significant features added for the UV-5R
since then. Most changes to the UV-5R driver have been to support other
models (UV-82, VHF/220 models, BJ UV-55, etc.).

The WOUXUN driver has seen some improvements over the last year (additional
Basic Settings, FM radio presets and better support for Cross Modes for the
KG-UV6D, the addition of Basic Settings to other models, etc.).

So for the radios that you use, there is nothing compelling you to upgrade
if you are happy with what you are currently using.

I wouldn't expect any issues about upgrading. It is not uncommon for me to
downgrade and upgrade at will. If you had a problem with the version that
your are currently using and submitted a bug, I wouldn't hesitate to
install that same version here to see if I could duplicate the issue. Early
this morning the installed the latest CHIRP daily and, as expected, had no
issues. And if you had issues, you can always fall back to the version that
you are currently running.

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